not your typical solder company

Metallic Resources

Was established in 1979 to provide the electronics industry
with the highest purity solder available. We are the first
U.S. producer of electrolytically refined solder, the ultimate
high purity solder in the industry.

Metallic Resources is comprised of “hands-on” industry experts who understand the metallurgy of solder and mechanics of soldering.

Technical orientation in the practical aspects of electronic assemblies soldering processes results in superior problem solving capabilities and recommendation of special needs for each individualized soldering process in the electronics market. Continual innovation and refinement of manufacturing methods results in a family of highest quality electrolytic solders guaranteed to improve the quality of finished goods, while at the same time lowering production soldering costs. Local sales representatives and strategically located stocking distributors provide support throughout the United States and the world.

Metallic Resources
Solder Analysis

Analysis program for new solder as well as existing pot metal.

MRI mould pot sample

• Customer assurance to minimize pot contamination
• Increase cost-effectiveness and profitability

• We provide unlimited free solder analysis to customer who purchase our products or send us their solder dross

• we provide free sample molds and solder analysis kit to customer who purchase our bar solder or send us solder dross.
responsible minerals initiative
rohs compliant
Responsible sourcing
REACH Statement