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casting lead free solder bars

Brighter & Shinier

Electrolytic bar solder reduces defect rates by up to 30%.

Using Our State-Of-The-Art Electrolytic Refining

We transform your solder dross and valuable solder scrap into the purest electrolytic solder in the industry.

metallic resources solder paste

Solder Paste

Solder paste is used in the electronics industry to solder (create a strong electrically conductive bond) electronic components to a printed circuit board. It is a mixture of solder powder and flux which consists of rosin/resin, activators, rheological additives and solvents. The solder powders in solder pastes are usually made of tin, lead, silver, copper and other elements. The integral flux helps clean the surfaces for solder and prevent reoxidation during the reflow process.
Paste is applied to a printed circuit board (PCB) using a stencil, and then reflowed in a reflow oven to form strong, reliable solder joints. Solder paste is available in a variety of compositions and alloys to suit different surface mount technology requirements.

Our Liquid FLUX

Got You Covered.

Meta Flux • No-Clean Flux • Water-Soluble Flux

The flux in solder paste helps to clean the surfaces being soldered and prevent oxidation.
This helps to ensure that the solder joints are strong and reliable.

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