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Solder Paste

Solder Paste

We will pay you TOP DOLLAR for your unwanted
Lead Paste & Lead-Free Paste

metallic resources- lead-free buckets

Customer Friendly Lead-Free Green Buckets. Labels, shipping documents keep Tin/Lead solder dross, scrap solder paste and various other solder scrap materials from being cross contaminated in order to maximize returns.

Silver adds significant value to tin/lead-free solder dross, scrap solder paste and various other solder scrap along with higher tin content. Both of these metals help assure the highest return on individual customer scrap shipments. Metallic Resources is one of only a few refiners who actually have the capability in–house to separate these precious metals. Green Lead Free buckets, shipping labels, and bills of Lading are all provided at no charge along with free incoming freight your tin/lead-free solder dross, scrap solder paste and various other solder scrap.

lead solder dross

Customer Friendly Black Buckets, Labels, Shipping Documents Keep Solder Dross, Scrap Solder Paste and Various other Solder Scrap from Being Cross Contaminated in order to Maximize Returns

Metallic Resources arranges pick-up for solder dross, scrap solder   paste and various other solder scrap while customers are provided complete shipping packages, which include shipping labels and a bill of lading. Pre-labeled UN Approved 3-1/2 gallon pails are provided at no charge. Shipping documentation is provided either by mail or electronically. When solder dross, scrap solder paste and various other solder scrap is received, the customer gets an acknowledgement of receipt, a settlement report, a Certificate of Recycling and payment for the received material.

circuit boards

• All Recycling Programs are designed to meet the customer’s specific needs
• Lead Wires, Printed Circuit Board Components, Molybdenum or Tantalum, Aluminum, Stainless Steel

Many other materials can be recycled. Please call Metallic Resources to obtain a quotation for your specific needs. Our customer-friendly personnel will be able to offer you the greatest return on your scrap materials.

Gold Reclamation for all Electronic Items

• Unpopulated Circuit Board
• Printed Circuit Board Trim
• Fingers, Pins, Connectors
• Other Exposed Gold

Metallic Resources Purchases Scrap Copper

• Scrap Insulated Copper Wire, Laminates, Lead Wires, Lead Wires on Paper, Scrap Copper Anodes, and Nuggets.
• Printed Circuit Board Trim

Scheduled pick-ups of the material. Metallic Resources coordinates and pays the freight from your location to Twinsburg, Ohio. Payment is issued to the customer 30 days after receipt of the material in Twinsburg, Ohio.

Recycle the PCB into dollars

• Circuit Board Trim and Bare Board
• Low-Grade Populated Board
• Medium-Grade Populated Board
• High-Grade Populated Board

Recycle wasted, rejected, and unwanted circuit boards because they have value. Metallic Resources separates these printed circuit boards and trim into four categories to maximize the value of the shipment. No minimum poundage is required when circuit boards are shipped along with solder dross.

Solder Pot

Don’t Need It?

No need to empty it!

We’ll pay you for the Solder inside the pot.

MRI recycling service