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Metallic Resources Provides Complete Process Auditing At No Charge

How much dross should your operation be generating? What should an average dross generation be? Are you above or below that average? How do you know if your process is the best it can be? How do you know if your defect rate is normal or the best it can be? How do you know if water based flux will work for you? How do you know if spray flux will work better than flux that is foamed? How do you know your profile for SMT solder paste re-flow is correct, or can it be improved?

Being totally customer oriented is just one of many reasons why Metallic Resources has grown as much as it has over the last ten years. Call or e-mail your needs and requests to Metallic Resources today for a fast response.

Statistical Process Control Charts

For those customers who require just a little bit more, Metallic Resources provides statistical data customized to the customer’s requirements at no charge. Most often asked for are statistical process control charts and CPK charts, which show exactly how close manufactured product is to specification.